Travel Edition Regular Tours

Most of our tours involve a considerable amount of walking, standing and stair climbing due to the nature of the tours and the places visited. You also need to be able to get on and off the coach several times a day by yourself, or a train with your luggage.

On some tours there is a lot of walking on streets, which may be steep, poorly paved or cobbled. There are also tours that visit archaeological sites with uneven ground.

Our tours are group tours, and we want everyone to enjoy them to their fullest. It is therefore important that those who have restricted mobility choose a manageable tour which fits their fitness level.

It is important that our clients meet minimum fitness criteria to ensure your enjoyment and that of the rest of the group is not compromised. You should be prepared to walk 500m or 30 minutes unaided at a reasonable pace and stand for up to 30 minutes at a time.  

If you do have any health or mobility concerns, then let us know at the time of booking and we can advise whether a tour be suitable. Having all the details helps us make sure you and the rest of the group have an enjoyable holiday.

We have a handy rating for each tour to let you know how strenuous it maybe.

Gentle: Some walking between sites and standing for viewing, good flat walking surfaces

Moderate: Walking between sites, lots of standing for viewing.

Demanding:  On your feet all day, uneven terrain (e.g. cobbles)


Travel Edition Walking Tours

The level of difficulty is given on the relevant tour page, but all tours require a reasonable degree of fitness. Walking shoes/boots and walking poles are essential, certainly for challenging and difficult tours. Distance and difficulty of terrain vary from one walking tour to another.  If any doubt, please call us for advice.

We have a handy rating for each tour to let you know how strenuous it maybe.

Moderate: Relatively few hills and moderate walking terrain

Challenging: More hills (up to 300 or 400 metres of elevation in a day) and more difficult walking terrain.

Difficult: Some considerable hills (500 metres or more of elevation in a day) and some difficult terrain.